Friday, November 21, 2008

Rideau Canal connection holding up

Preliminary (12 marker) results are now in for F-8, the representative of the line of Thomas & Elspeth (REDPATH) FAIRBAIRN, and they show an exact match with the two last results, F-6 the James (GOODFELLOW) line, and F-7, the Trotter line, and are reported as being a Genetic Distance of 1 from Martin (F-1), Earl (F-2) and Roy (F-3), this latter being a descendant of William (marr. Jean WANLESS) reported to have also worked on the Rideau Canal.
So, on the face of it, there is indeed some connection between the two Rideau Canal workers, William and Thomas FAIRBAIRN (see the Patriarchs page for outline lineages).

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