Tuesday, November 25, 2008

25th: Sunderland and Ontario match looking good

Full 37 marker results now in for F-7, David with the Trotter F. m. Jean F. 1795 Ladykirk, who moved south into Sunderland.
There's a 36/37 marker match with the representative (Doug, F-6) of the family of James & Helen (GOODFELLOW) FAIRBAIRN , which family emigrated to Spencerville, Ontario in the 1830s.

At 37 markers, David is apparently a Genetic Distance (GD) of 3 from Doug (was GD 0 at the 25/25 match); and has slipped to GD 6 with Martin (F-1), and GD 7 with Earl (F-2) and Roy (F-3), which at 25 markers were all GD 1.
I need to swot up on how this is calculated, particularly as a 36/37 match ended up a GD of 3 instead of the GD 1 I thought it was, and Martin/Earl/Roy ended up at GD 6 and GD 7!!

WFN Results pages updated with the above results.

Sorry about this blog being repeatedly marked as spam. I've requested, yet again, it be unblocked.
But I will persevere with this format for the project diary as I like the label filtering over what the forums offer.

GD findings:
I found the following explanations of Genetic Distance which all seems fair enough, EXCEPT that on the individual GD reports available on the admin pages, the actual GD numbers given are far higher than the marker results appear to be showing.
I'll ask FamilyTree DNA to explain.

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