Friday, February 18, 2011

Matching set of pedigrees

With the two new exact 12/12 matches to the Lineage 1 Modal, an update was overdue.

The Patriarchs page has had outline pedigrees included for the two newly represented, and matching, lines of John & Elizabeth (YULE), and Robert & Elizabeth (CROSBIE)
These include the usual links to the personal pages of the respective participants on the supplementary pages, and links to/from their results on the summary pages.
Note that for Robert and Elizaeth (CROSBIE) there are a couple of theories about two of their sons, and potential descendants, so should there be any direct male line FAIRBAIRN descendants of Thomas and Helen (DOUGLAS), or John and Jane (WADDELL) out there willing to join and see if they get an excellent match to Geoffrey (F-39), they would be most welcome.

In addition to new results, the pages have also begun a conversion to a new form of descendancy chart which can be dynamically expanded/collapsed to help you understand where the person of interest "fits", for an example, see the chart for Lineage 1 "Clump 1", John and Bessie (FLINT)

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