Tuesday, February 15, 2011

15th: Matriarch descendants?

We might have to broaden our dna search to the female of the species.
With the growing number of matching, near modal, descendants from the Earlston/Ledgerwood families, it SHOULD help sort them out if we can track down direct mother/daughter female line descendants of some of the key matriarchs, and persuade them to join the project.

We would be particularly interested in hearing from anyone, male or female, who can trace their direct maternal ancestors to any of the following in particular:
- Elspeth ANDERSON (marr. John FAIRBAIRN of Grizelfield, Smailholm)
- Helen ANDERSON (marr. John FAIRBAIRN of Nenthorn)
- Agnes GIBSON (marr. one of the John FAIRBAIRNs of Earlston)
- Magdalen BO (marr. John FAIRBAIRN of Fanns, Earlston)
Should we be so lucky as to find representatives for any/each of these, the theory is that we may just be able to sort out the assorted John's as well.
So there's your challenge for the month.

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