Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Cheap at twice the price?

"Collected one shilling & five pence this day James Fairbairn wright in E Gordon Compeared in the place of public Repentance before the Congregation and was Rebuked for fornication with his now married wife before marriage and so dismissed"

This was from a cash book entry dated 9th Nov 1783 in the Gordon, Berwickshire OPRs.
Son Andrew's baptism was recorded on the 13th.
Not yet sure who James the wright was married to, but can add that the James, shoemaker in Gordon at the time, was married to Betsy/Elizabeth ALLISON and accounts for most of the other contemporary baptisms.

PS using Measuring worth, which starts 1830, 1/5d is either L5.35 by retail price index, or L58.70 by average earnings - a most definite "ouch" of a fine if the latter is more appropriate.

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