Friday, October 15, 2010

Stub added to results summary

Results page updated to include a link from our new participant (F-38) to his paper trail, the family of James and Isabel (TAIT) of Legerwood.
With a John documented as being at Moriston in 1784, and James and Isabel's eldest known son being a John, my conclusion is that the 1784 John is James' father.
In addition, but rather more speculatively, based on the rather tenuous links that descendants of James and Isabel were millers (in Dalkeith), there may be a leap of not to much faith to this John/James father/son being the John of Mellerstain Mill 1763-6, including a son James baptised in 1765.
John may, or may not, be the one married to Agnes GIBSON 1749, Legerwood - only evidence being James 2nd known daughter being an Agnes. But if so, the rather confusing stone in Earlstoun for the family may be relevant - oh for a wonderfully clear close up photograph of it to see if any of the blanks and puzzling dates/relationships can be clarified.

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