Friday, June 12, 2009

12th: Good entrant level discount till end of month

Anyone hesitant about joining our FAIRBAIRN Surname DNA Project because of the cost might be interested in an excellent special offer until the end of June.
Family Tree DNA have reduced the price of their Y-DNA37+mtDNA test to $US119, which is below the price of the normal Y-DNA37 on its own, and has the added benefit of an entry level mtDNA test thrown in.
Should you then get hooked on what you may or may not have learnt from that test, you can always upgrade to a more detailed one later.
To take advantage of this, follow the Join project links at our World Families project pages, or any of the supplementary project pages for that matter.
The WorldFamilies pages have additional reading material about what dna testing is about that may be of interest, e.g. About DNA Testing
More members are most welcome as the journey to date has been fascinating, and we're only scratching the surface of having as many FAIRBAIRN (etc) families represented.

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