Saturday, February 7, 2009

7th: Patriarchs updates

The Patriarchs page has had some updates, mainly to include more links to further information on the people concerned, but also to include some preliminary information re the family of Thomas and Elspeth/Eppy (WOOD) FAIRBAIRN.
As yet the link shown doesn't lead to more information, but it will, in time.
Remember that all such charts are oriented towards highlighting lines ending in a male able to represent their line in the dna project - in the hope they'll take the hint and help out by joining.

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  1. I have been researching Thomas and Eppy Wood Fairbairn's line for a couple of years now. We are having a family reunion for Robert Fairbairn's family, son of George Milne Fairbairn and Jane McDowell this summer. I started a group site for Thomas Fairbairn and Eppy Wood's descendants a few months ago at
    There are'nt many members yet, but I have the DNA project information posted on the site. I will post the information on the reunion site as well at
    My new blog is at