Wednesday, February 25, 2009

15th recruit

The work on the Melrose/Jedburgh/Stody (Norfolk) family posted yesterday has paid off, with our 15th recruit now in the project to represent son Robert's line. welcome Stan (F-15).
The Wanted! page updates have been altered to show son David's line for confirmation of the family's dna signature.
David married Margaret WHILLANS and remained in Roxburghshire. Any descendants out there?
In addition the Patriarch's page now contains an outline of the family under the "In progress" section.
One kit appears to be taking it's time to cross the oceans from Australia to Houston, must be swimming the long way round.

Any/all contributions towards this project would be most welcome. Testing is expensive, particularly as we try to use the 67 marker tests with the best mix of slow and fast moving markers.
Contributions may be made via the link on the left hand side of the Family Tree DNA project pages.
This uses a secure link, and the money is held in the FAIRBAIRN Project kitty at Family Tree DNA for assignment towards future kits as the admins see fit.
Anything in the kitty can tip the balance into someone joining the project, and is used to "assist" those particularly wanted to prove a puzzle, or represent a new line.

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