Friday, April 21, 2017

DNA Sales

Check out the overall DNASurnames blog for full details of the FamilyTreeDNA sale prices for DNA Day, and a link to sales at other sites.

Of particular interest for the Fairbairn Surname DNA project are those for
FamilyFinder - $20 off to $59 US
BigY down to $425US
SNP Packs down to $89
yDNA 37 to $129
yDNA 67 to $209

Please check with your project admin before rushing off into SNP Pack testing to ensure that you are purchasing a relevant pack for your haplogroup.
And if you are going to test BigY at some stage, save your pennies rather than duplicate your testing by also doing a SNP pack.

FYI we now have 4 BigY test results in the FAIRBAIRN project, all currently determined to be I-Y7277, and awaiting further analysis at to see if there's any new sub branches to be found.
It would be good to see how the ELLIOT sub group in the project compare!

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