Friday, January 6, 2017

Small steps...

As mentioned in the last post it would be good if the Fairbairn Project could determine when the matching Haplogroup I1 lines diverged.
Perhaps we're all ancient ELLIOTs after all?
Do remember that the ELLIOTs in the FAIRBAIRN project are a very very small subset of the overall ELLIOT project.

Three BigY tests were ordered during the recent sales, all in Lineage 1e and believed to be descended from John & Bessie (FLINT) FAIRBAIRN (who married about 1728 Melrose, Roxburghshire).

There are hints that the first is nearly completed processing as a couple of BigY match emails have been received, even though the dashboard for the kit (F-16) shows "awaiting results".

Although the Haplogroup on his dashboard hasn't yet been changed from I-M253, his Haplotree/SNPs does however now show he is positive for
> Z141 > FGC22406 > Y7277
which has at:
a branch it shows in v5.01 of their I1 tree as forming 3300 ybp, TMRCA 2200 ybp (years before present, "present" = 1950).
Intriguing that the only three countries listed against those already analyzed are TSI, Italy and Hungary - but then the most youthful listed subbranch has a TMRCA (time to most recent common ancestor) estimated at 1500 ybp (ie around 450AD) so quite a way back from 1728.

We had already assumed the Z141 level from the prior SNP testing of our I1 group guinea-pig (F-17) who had tested positive for Z141 - so that branch was assumed to apply to all in the group.
He was also negative for two of the then known downstream sub groups of: F2642 and Z2535.
At which time specific SNP testing had ended.
No SNP packs or BigY were available at that time - how fast things change in this world.

Hopefully with this, and the remaining two results, once all analyzed at YFull, may create a more recent FAIRBAIRN sub branch.

For any of those in the I1 matching groups of the FAIRBAIRN project, be they FAIRBAIRNs, ELLIOTs or FARRIS or ... , FTDNA do offer both an I1-Z140 SNP pack which would quickly position any of the matching I1 group on the tree under I1-Z140 without the expense of the BigY test, but also without the contribution to science BigY gives.

This SNP pack includes the above FGC22406 sub branch, along with four successive branches.
and individual SNP tests for around this area.

So the more adventurous of you may wish to gamble by simply checking if you too are FGC22406 by ordering an individual SNP.

If you are considering doing BigY in the future - wait, save your pennies and do just that, both of the above would be superfluous.

If you do wish to explore this area of DNA testing please check with either your I1 Haplogroup project or the Fairbairn project administrator before ordering to make sure you are getting an appropriate test for your individual situation.

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