Thursday, May 16, 2013

Journey to the present ctd

Journey to the Present update - the next test has been completed, we're now at Z60+, I1a2a1 - which, oddly enough is the same path a group of the RUNCIMAN DNA project have also taken.
So the two families shared a common ancestor some 3,500 years ago - ever so approximately.
Jul 2013 update: But there they diverged. The FAIRBAIRNs have tested Z141+ and the RUNCIMANs Z140-, where Z141 and Z140 are "equivalent".

The time estimates from the I1 project currently put this branch at about 3-4500 years ago - ie creeping into recorded history! Take a look at the Timeline of Prehistoric Scotland to put this into context. But bear in mind all such dna time estimates are subject to variation.

Many thanks to those who have donated to the FAIRBAIRN DNA Project general fund. Your generous donations allow this testing to continue.

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