Sunday, June 10, 2012

Time to Most Recent Common Ancestor (TMRCA)

The FAIRBAIRN DNA pages have been updated to include more data on the more recent participants, primarily to include missing links to their family trees, and Genetic Distance to their matches, along with a revamp to a few of the dna signature charts.
This latter are where we attempt to combine paper trails and dna information to surmise where/how connected families MAY actually link up. Completely subjective!

The most overdue update (Lineage 1, haplogroup I1 only) however was to include new Genetic Distance and TMRCA tables according to complete theory, compared to the above, "by eye" and judgement.
The program used for those is that found from the ISOGG  pages - Dean McGEE's Y-DNA Comparison Utility  updated for 111 marker comparisons.
These can be found on the Summary Discussion pages.
The preliminary Jul 2009 tables have been left there to show us how far we've come - we even now feature in the list of those with 50 or more participants on the World Families Network pages (where the summary dna pages are hosted).

Several more broken links have been attended to over assorted connected pages (Summary pedigrees aka Patriarchs page, summary results, supplementary dna information, this blog). Would be good to think that the background rationalisation that has been going on for some months now is near completion, but somehow there's always "just one more thing" to attend to.

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