Sunday, December 18, 2011

Keep an eye on ...

... both of the recent changes indexes (analysis section, and lineages section) in case this diary isn't updated with what changed as the tidy up/rationalisation between the DNA pages, and the One Names Study analysis and lineages sections continues apace, and must surely nearly be finished!

The family of Robert & Jane (URQUHART) FAIRBAIRN of Glasgow then Pawtucket are newly included (18th), as is the family of Thomas & Elspeth (WOOD) FAIRBAIRN, but that listed on the 17th,  Robert (married Elizabeth CROSBIE) is only in the changes index because of a few typos being corrected.
For the 16th, (F-35) and his matching family, that of Francis & Agnes (DICKIESON) FAIRBAIRN shown on the 13th are brought over from the DNA project.

Bookmarks in the Analsyis Section:
If you have any real FAIRBAIRN people, as opposed to place page "people" eg FAIRBAIRN(SCT), bookmarked from the Analysis section of the One Name Study pages you will need to find them in the Lineages Section and re-bookmark them as they are transferred to where their lineages can be more easily attached and updated. (so the analysis section recent changes index is currently shrinking).

The Descendant charts section is being changed regularly at the moment as an appropriate structure is experimented with, along with how much to show on the first page to more readily identify lineages likely to be of interest.

Remember that there are DNA testing discounts going until the end of December, and it would be great to get a few more lines represented.
How about someone from the family of Thomas & Elspeth (WOOD) FAIRBAIRN? Or the Cockburnspath FAIRBAIRNs?

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