Sunday, November 27, 2011


The move of Descendant and Wanted! charts, together with the Researcher lists, from the DNA study pages to the One Name Study continues, and as before, whilst it does so, many links may well be broken, but hopefully fewer as time progresses.
This shift also means some of the missing trees for dna participants are now included.
Keep an eye on the Recent Changes index.
Most recent entries are because of the above shift apart from John. Having stumbled across him in Somerset he got placed into what is believed to be his Borders family, that of John son of John & Julian (BOAK) FAIRBAIRN, so their descendant chart has been updated.

What the recent change index doesn't yet show are the charts for two families with extended military service currently being researched for inclusion, and hopefully finding a direct male line FAIRBAIRN at the end of them to join the DNA project to (dis)prove suggested connections (to either Robert and Elizabeth (CROSBIE) FAIRBAIRN, and/or Ralph and Helen (CROW) FAIRBAIRN.
It's discount time at FamilyTree DNA, so a great time to join and see which family you match - order a test here and join  the project to help us unravel the FAIRBAIRNs.
John & Jane (WADDELL) FAIRBAIRN of Smailholm then Coldstream, and the John who may, or may not, be their son, married to Helen ROSS at Coldstream.

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