Thursday, October 27, 2011

Busy few weeks

Andrew (F-47)'s results have started arriving, resulting in several updates to the FAIRBAIRN related pages.  We have a match with the "orphaned" Michael Rowland (F-23) FAIRBAIRN at last (in Haplogroup R1b1).
So somewhere, somehow, David (marr. to Peggy MERCER) FAIRBAIRN is related to John and Helen (ANDERSON) FAIRBAIRN.
Don't be surprised if there are broken links, or charts have disappeared. The results arrive in the middle of the, slow, rationalisation of the DNA and One Name Study pages so that lineage, wanted and researcher information is on the One Name Study pages, leaving DNA results and signature charts for the DNA pages.
If you have any particular people bookmarked, they are likely to change numbers sorry, to match those in the master database, which will make it easier to link from one site to the other.

The recent changes index on the DNA pages has been inflated somewhat by the realisation that somewhere along the way haplogroup numbering has changed, all those assigned to R1b1b2 now appearing as R1b1a2 instead on the Family Tree DNA results.   Not all have been changed as yet.

Two other kits (F-46) and (F-48) are at the lab awaiting results, but not scheduled to produce any until December - placeholders exist on the Summary DNA results page.

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