Thursday, June 23, 2011

23rd: Hardy lot these FAIRBAIRNs

Had to chuckle over a couple of American draft cards.
1917 exemption being claimed because of the loss of left arm and right foot
1942 same chap, under the heading physical characteristics which would aid identification: "none"
And his brother likewise:
1917 same day, both legs and an arm
1942 day after his brother, only left arm missing.
Should be classified as medical miracles?

That aside, an outline pedigree has been added to the Patriarchs page for our latest DNA recruit (F-44).
This is the family of a John & Isabella (BRACKEY) FAIRBAIRN, who are highly likely to be (despite many contradictions in the records) the John & Isabella (BROCKIE) FAIRBAIRN who appear in the chart of F-42, our latest 67/67 match.

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