Wednesday, January 19, 2011

19th: Kelso dispensary - Agnes FAIRBAIRN

Check out this blog entry on Maxwell Ancestry about the Kelso Dispensary - it features an Agnes FAIRBAIRN of Smailholm born around 1746/7.
Anyone got a good candidate?
Poor woman had at least two fits of hysterics.
I can spot a slightly older Agnes, baptised Smailholm 1742 to Francis & Janet (THOMSON) FAIRBAIRN, and one of the right age, but baptised Stitchel, born to James & Elspeth (TROTTER) FAIRBAIRN.
Extending the date to 1754 adds in the Agnes baptised at Smailholm to John & Helen (ANDERSON) FAIRBAIRN.
All of which assumes that FAIRBAIRN was her maiden name.
Extending the search to include married names would probably add the Elizabeth WIGHT who married Robert FAIRBAIRN at Smailholm in 1772.
Of the few other FAIRBAIRNs, or similar, mentioned, the Margaret born about 1718 of Nenthorn, might be the dtr of Edward, baptised in 1720.
Several candidates exist for the 1723ish Thomas of Earlston.

That aside, the DNA summary results page has had a quick update to reflect the latest dna kit status, one of our outstanding kits having reached the lab, two more to come.

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  1. Thanks for linking to my blog, have you seen our fee prison database: quiet a few Fairbain's in there I'm afraid.