Tuesday, November 16, 2010

16th: Welcome

Decided it was a bit silly running two FAIRBAIRN related blogs.
So, welcome to the new all encompassing FAIRBAIRN blog - covering both the DNA , and the One Name Study project diaries.

From here on, their project diaries will be here.

The history of both blogs has been migrated, and the links I know about will be changed to point here instead, so that there's an integrated view of the entire FAIRBAIRN project activity.

Couldn't get my first two choices of blog names (fairbairn.blogspot.com and fairbairns.blogspot.com) as both were taken with no apparent activity.
However, this is an acceptable alternate.

Yes, the background image is probably meant to be constellations, but it was picked from the available templates because it looks a bit like one of Oxford Ancestors mtDNA charts showing where you fit into the Seven Daughters of Eve:
If anyone has a FAIRBAIRN related similar chart they'd like to share we could change the background!

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