Thursday, July 15, 2010

16th: Kit status/another ELLIOTT match

We now have two kits working their way through the lab - watch this space.
The summary results table has been updated to reflect that.

In addition, we also have another ELLIOTT match. As yet he hasn't responded to the invitation to join us in the FAIRBAIRN project, but his earliest ancestor appears to be a George ELLIOTT born 1731 with connections to Cumberland Co, Pennsylvania, dying in Elbert Co, Georgia (1804).
I am working on an addition to the supplementary pages where these ELLIOTT/IRWIN/FAIRBAIRN matches can be explored in a little more detail.
Basically they appear to be from American lines tracking back to early 1700s Pennsylvania and Georgia so far but I'm not yet sure of the earliest dates.
All are matches at 67 markers to Lineage 1, slightly closer to Clump 2.
The ELLIOTT Project DNA Admin thinks this may make the Border FAIRBAIRNs actually ELLIOTTS, with a possibility that it is the other way.
I'd like to think it is the other way of course (vbg), but in reality, the jury is very much still out, with a growing body of evidence of several ELLIOTT lines and one, related, and slightly later, IRWIN line in Illinois.

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