Thursday, April 29, 2010

1660s split?

The supplementary pages have now been updated to include the latest set of full results, from the line of John & Christian(WOOD) FAIRBAIRN.
This includes a relatively major revamp of the dna signature chart for Lineage 1 "clump 2" incorporating this new knowledge - hopefully sensibly.
Any contributions to this interpretation are most welcome!

Looking at the marker results we now have available, I'm guessing that there was a split in the "clump 2" lines about the 1660s, where those including the above John, also James and Helen (GOODFELLOW), and F-11's James, can be deemed to have genetically split (slightly).
Take a look at the by now very wide signature chart and see if it makes sense to you.
(It also now includes the Eckford line of F-27).

The project is still very interested in finding representatives of other known lives to aid in piecing this huge jigsaw together - direct male line descendants of John and Helen (ANDERSON), and of the Ednam Blacksmith family with all the Edwards would be most welcome - and what about the Selkirk families?
Check out the Wanted! pages for some lines we are particularly interested in, but any not listed on the pages anywhere are also "wanted", just not yet documented.
Then of course there are the Yorkshire ones, are they related?

Subsidies for testing may be possible for the first of a line to test.
Those ineligible to join in the fun by reason of sex, or descended from a female line may help by contributing towards the subsidies - simply follow the "Contribute to the Surname Project General Fund" link on the lhs of our Family Tree DNA project pages.

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