Wednesday, January 13, 2010

13th: One more in/result overview

The third of our three recent kit orders has now hit the lab, representing the line of Robert & Elizabeth (YOUNG) FAIRBAIRN, Robert being a surveyor for the Duke of Hamilton in the parish of Cambuslang, Lanarkshire in 1849, with the 1851 census showed him as (42, 52 or 62, bit unclear, but ancestry indexed him as 52), civil engineer, born Eckford, Roxburghshire (although he was a bit hard to find on ancestry, having been indexed as Robert Facobaion, and his birthplace recorded as "Eclford, Robeburghshire").

The summary result pages have been updated to include F-23's 12 marker results, and update the kit status summary.
With results in (1 only partial to date) from 21 kits, 2 at the lab and 1 still missing in action somewhere, we can see a clear pattern that most of the Borders Fairbairn families are related to a greater or lesser extent in haplogroup I1 (15 of the 21, plus 4 non-FAIRBAIRN (IRWIN and ELLIOT) names who match).
Four of the 21 are in haplogroup R1b, with two matching, those of the Fife and Irish/Canadian FAIRBAIRN/FREEBORNs.
The remaining 2 kits are one with an as yet unassigned haplogroup, which looks like it will be R1b but may or may not ending up matching one of the other R1b participants, and one a J2 which looks like a question to be answered by his ancestors somewhere.

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