Monday, September 28, 2009

28th: Irish Canadian FREEBORN link to Fife FAIRBAIRN

This is to extend a welcome to K(F-21) who has just joined the project.
Those of you who are participants already via Family Tree DNA wont see his matches from your personal page as he tested using the Ancestry-33 test.
However, of the 25 comparable markers with a Y-DNA37 test, he's a 25/25 match with our Fife representative Bill (F-20), showing yet another link between the Irish/Canadian FREEBORNs and the Fife FAIRBAIRNs (the other link has not yet joined the project).

A lineage 2 has now been created and the Supplementary pages updated to reflect this.
The Summary result and patriarch pages will follow in due course.

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