Friday, July 17, 2009

17th: Beyond the Borders

Preliminary (12 marker) results are in for Bill (F-20), our sole representative of the Fife line of FAIRBAIRNs, Thomas and Jean (LAWSON/LOWSON) FAIRBAIRN.
They don't yet have a haplogroup assigned, but there isn't an immediately obvious match to the Borders lineages, although 10/12 to Stan (F-15).
The latest results do however have a 12/12 match with someone not in our project but tested with Family Tree DNA by the surname of FREEBORN, no further information currently available.

The overall results on the Supplementary pages have been updated, as has the summary result page on the World Families pages.
At the same time, some additional pedigrees have been added to the Patriarchs page in the hope of finding representatives:

Remember that if you are thinking of seeing what dna testing can do for your family history, brick walls, refining your paper trails, that the discounts are still are on offer until the end of July, and we would love to hear from any male FAIRBAIRN interested enough in his family history to help us identify as many FAIRBAIRN lines as we can and see how they may link up.
Click here to read about various tests, and to join (y)our project (we prefer 67 markers, with 37 the bare minimum for anything useful for genealogical purposes).

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