Monday, September 22, 2008

7th kit ordered - Trotter FAIRBAIRN descendant

7th participant welcomed, and Patriarchs page updated with his pedigree (that of Trotter FAIRBAIRN of Duns, Berwickshire, married in Ladykirk, BEW to Jane/Jean FAIRBAIRN of Kelso, family moved to Sunderland).
Hoping to find a participant from the other Sunderland FAIRBAIRN family, that of Robert and Elizabeth (TAYLOR) FAIRBAIRN, forebears of the Albert who ended up in Hoquiam and claimed John A FAIRBAIRN Jnr of Hoquiam as a cousin, and presumably therefore also a cousin to David & Jane (WILLIAMSON) FAIRBAIRN and William & Jean (WANLESS) FAIRBAIRN of Wakefield Quebec.

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